Protect Our Rural Communities

In the coming weeks, the Nebraska Unicameral will have the opportunity to restore the protections of Initiative 300, Nebraska's landmark constitutional amendment to protect family farms and ranches.

A Sequel

After my earlier rant against the CEO of Pilgrim's Pride, I received an insightful email from a friend in North Carolina who has an upfront and personal view on how changes in the poultry industry are impacting local communities and farmers. Hopefully on Monday I'll have something directly from him to post on the blog. I'm looking forward to it.

Somebody Put Him in a Cage

As the implications of biofuels, particularly ethanol, have become clear, the opposition to federal mandates and subsidies has ramped up. The latest is a hope expressed by Pilgrim's Pride CEO Clint Rivers, who is looking for a "groundswell of opposition" against expensive food he claims is the result of ethanol subsidies. Pilgrim's Pride is the largest chicken producer in the country, and has been hit hard by the increased cost of corn:

MarketPlace Once Again a Huge Success

Over 550 people gathered in Columbus, Nebraska on February 27th, 2008 for the Center for Rural Affairs' second annual, Marketplace: Opening Doors to Success. It’s the only entrepreneurial conference of its kind in Nebraska and surrounding states.


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