Nice Marmot.

If the Mulch Blog gets to make movie references, so do I.

A Simple Solution for a Complicated Problem

Most agriculture production in this country is marketed as generic grain or livestock, where the only way to compete is to produce for less. These short-term gains are quickly lost as others learn these skills or adopt new technology.

The Market Strikes Back

I've decided the farm bill process has truly jumped down the proverbial rabbit hole, so we're moving on to other topics for now. And so I'll weigh in on the food vs. fuel debate, dangerous as that may be, because it is one of the most important debates occuring today. And it is a debate that desperately needs to be broadened to include the entire way in which we structure our agricultural support, production and distribution systems. Any and all comments are welcome- these musing are just my thoughts to date, and could change at any moment. Right off the bat I'll say


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