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Senator Paul Wellstone, 1944-2002

Well, the Senate Agriculture Committee finished up their farm bill today with a minimum of fuss. We're sure we'll have some press coverage to comment on this weekend.  Two moments of note:

Blogging the Bill

Dan's doing a wonderful job live-blogging this debate, but I would understand if you get tired of just listening to him (lord knows we do in the office).

Luckily for us, some other folks are also covering the progression of the farm bill through the Senate. More Deliberate Every Day is covering the debate with regular farm bill round-ups. There is the ever-fresh Ethicurean that hardly lets a farm bill reform moment slip them by.

Moving Ahead, And a Rewind

The Senate Ag Committee has reconvened and is considering more amendments to the 2007 Farm Bill, many from the pesky freshman of Pennsylvania, Senator Robert Casey.  We're in general favor of those who stir it up a little, so good for him.


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