This Farm Bill Needs a Veto.

We appear to be right up on it- a farm bill will probably pass Congress before May 16th. It appears the deals are (almost) done. All that remains are few contentious issues, and we're not all that concerned with how those turn out because all of the options on the table, frankly, stink like a hog lagoon in mid-August.

So while we haven't seen the final language of the entire farm bill, we have a pretty good idea of where everything stands. There are wins, and there are losses, but perhaps more important is to remember where we are and where we came from.

Development Matters

Last April 15th we announced a goal to raise $15,000 by May 15th. We called it our “15x15” campaign. When Brian, Jeff, and I broached the idea nobody believed we could do it (most days, neither did we). But we forgot one very important thing. It was not up to us, it was up to you.

Question Your Candidates

The next six months may be your best chance to get your future senator or representative to make a commitment to vote right.

It’s an election year. Aspiring elected official are never more responsive to constituents than in their first campaign. Their views are generally not yet hardened, and they are listening intently – looking for ways to demonstrate to voters that they will fight for people like them.

Cultural Smorgasbord in a Rural School

A few months ago I wrote about a unique situation in Wausa, Nebraska. The school system was in danger of being phased out due to a lack of students. Superintendent Bob Marks came up with a plan to recruit foreign exchange students to fill the population needs of the school.


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