Rural Farmers Markets Lose to Urban Areas in Grant Awards

Recently 23 projects were selected to receive a combined $900,000 in Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) grants. Nationally over 300 projects were submitted. While many states did not receive anything at all, several large cities received multiple grants. Of the funded projects, only one was for a farmers market in a rural community.


There’s been quite a bit of talk surrounding former American Farm Bureau Federation President Dean Kleckner’s opinion piece in the New York Times essentially calling for an end to farm subsidies.  Failing that, Kleckner would really like to substantially revise them to make the subsidies more trade-friendly.  The most pressing question for me:  Why should I care what Dean Kleckner thinks?

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Farm Bill TV: Oxfam and coalition partners have released a "Farm Bill Reform" television ad in which the hero of the 30-second piece is the American family farmer. The villain? A millionaire subsidy recipient. (YouTube)


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