Corporate Farming Notes

Brazilian firm plunges into U.S. meatpacking and cattle feeding ventures; California beef recall the largest in history

On March 4, JBS-S.A. of Sao Paulo, Brazil embarked on a beef packing acquisition binge. That day JBS announced its intention to purchase National Beef Company of Kansas City, America’s fourth largest beef packer. The next day, JBS announced its acquisition of Smithfield Beef Group.

Beginning Farmer Resources Part 3

Q. How do I find land to farm or ranch? Competition for land is fierce, and it’s so expensive.

A. The biggest hurdles for beginners are land and financing (often the same thing).

Rural Food Security

The Community Food Security Coalition is hosting its 2008 conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 4-8. The conference title is “Restoring Our Urban and Rural Communities with Healthy Food.” The conference boasts a wide ranging audience with farmers, policy makers, community activists, and others in attendance.

Leading a Legacy Behind

Plainview, Nebraska, has initiated a program that will have a lasting impact for many years and possibly many generations to come. The high school and National Honor Society have taken the first steps in creating a leadership academy to develop skills that can be used to help with leadership in the community, school, church, and in life.

Across the Nation

Texas: The oil business is not the only thing booming in Texas, where wind energy is fueling a new boom. Texas now generates 3 percent of its total electricity from wind, making it the leading producer of wind in the nation. California, Minnesota, and Iowa follow in wind generating capacity. Farmers with turbines on their land profit from the boom.


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