EWG On a Tear

The hard-working folks over at the Environmental Working Group have been ratcheting up the pressure for farm bill reform, both in the conservation and commodity reform arenas. It's a good idea to visit their blog, Mulch, and check them out kicking ass and taking names. Here's some highlights:

First up, and well worth the read, August 26th, EWG senior analyst had an opinion piece in the Des Moines Register:

Tightening the Noose

The Center for Rural Affairs recently released an analysis of the farm program payment limitation provisions in the farm bill passed by the House of Representatives in July.

We're Not That Special

Now that we have a pesky presidential election that some in the media feel worth is covering, there have been a flood of stories about the preferences of rural voters. Evidently we are a critical “bloc” in the next election. I suppose I can live with that.


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