Website Interns Wanted

We have openings for two interns to help build our online presence.

Website Writing: The Center publishes reports that contain a wealth of information, but are not primarily designed for web delivery. We are seeking an intern with excellent writing skills to help reformat these reports for our website by transferring current reports into HTML format and creating web-appropriate synopses of current material.

Farm Bill Payment Limits: Part 1

This post was cross-posted on the blog where we are participating in a series of farm bill blog posts.

For over 20 years progressive farm activists have fought to stop government subsidies that destroy family farming. The current system of unlimited subsidy checks for large farms increases land prices, puts family size farms at a disadvantage, and ultimately undercuts rural communities.

The Inevitable Outcome

Yesterday, I was in Slayton, Minnesota (pop. 2,000) talking to a large group of community leaders. It was inspiring to see so many people who were concerned about the future of rural America and how dedicated they were to improving that future.

My Deepest Sympathies

Well, it is official. The majority of the world's population is now living in urban areas:

There’s no big countdown billboard or sign in Times Square to denote it, but Wednesday, May 23, 2007, represents a major demographic shift, according to scientists from North Carolina State University and the University of Georgia: For the first time in human history, the earth’s population will be more urban than rural. [Full Article Here]


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