This is how absurd Washington DC is.  We've returned to "consideration of morning business" in the Senate, which apparently means Senators can talk about whatever they want.  7pm in DC, and they're on morning business.

Dorgan and Grassley Speak

Conrad finally finished, and I lost count of how many charts he used.  Conrad is kind of famous for his charts.

And We're Off

Well, the Senate kicked off consideration of the 2007 Farm Bill today, and we’ll be providing some updates as we go along, hopefully interspersed with more insightful analysis. Once again, we’re hoping Brian Depew will be a major contributor, but our soul has been crushed on that count before.

The Schafer Shuffle

Last week President Bush named former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer Secretary of Agriculture. We have to say we were a little surprised. The general thought around the home office was that Bush would leave Acting Secretary Chuck Conner in place at least until the farm bill was over.


A brief rumor alert: There is increasing noise that an amendment will be offered on the Senate floor to lower the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limit on farm programs (ie, if you have an AGI over a certain amount you can't participate in farm programs). As we've said over and over again, an AGI limit is fine, but by itself does nothing to reform farm programs.


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