Organic Agriculture a Better Soil Builder – Emerging from a nine-year study, John Teasdale, a plant physiologist with Agricultural Research Service Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory in Beltsville, Md., and colleagues find organic agriculture systems research plots show higher levels of carbon and nitrogen – “soil builders” – compared to no till, cover crop based no-till system, and no-till crown vetch living mulch system.

Farewell to Kim Leval

We said a heartfelt goodbye this month to Kim Leval. Kim served on our staff for over a decade, spearheading efforts to redirect federal agriculture research programs to strengthening family farms and sustainable agriculture. Kim has also been a tireless advocate for the USDA Value Added Producer Grants Program. She helped family farmers secure funding through the program to develop high value markets for sustainable agriculture related enterprises.

KAAPA Country-Adventures Receives Grant for Expansion

Country-Adventures, a Nebraska online rural tourism site, was awarded $72,318 through a USDA Rural Business Opportunity Grant (RBOG) to expand into other states. The site, features over 200 rural offerings, including hunting, fishing, farmer-for-a-day experiences, vineyard tours, and country lodging. The site has grown quickly over its nearly one-year period online.


This is how absurd Washington DC is.  We've returned to "consideration of morning business" in the Senate, which apparently means Senators can talk about whatever they want.  7pm in DC, and they're on morning business.

Dorgan and Grassley Speak

Conrad finally finished, and I lost count of how many charts he used.  Conrad is kind of famous for his charts.


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