Corporate Farming Battle Examined

For 35 years the Center for Rural Affairs has stood at the forefront of the battle to protect family farming from large corporate interests.

Beginning in the mid 1970s we tried for eight years to get a corporate farming restriction passed in the Nebraska Legislature, to no avail. We had nearly stopped trying when Nebraska Farmers Union launched a petition drive in 1981 to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot. Initiative 300 was born, and the fight was on.

More Center for Rural Affairs Donors

In March we published a list of our donors from FY 2007. Since then it occurred to us that most people do not live their lives on fiscal years. We want everyone to know that we value all of our contributors, no matter when they give. Toward that end, we are publishing the names of recent donors who did not appear in the March list. Select "read more" to see the names.

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