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Colorado – The Colorado Health Foundation is now offering a new repayment program for medical students who agree to practice in rural areas. The program will pay $150,000 in a three-year period to 18 physicians. The Colorado Community Health Network and the Colorado Rural Health Center are partners of the program that seeks to address the shortage of doctors facing most of Colorado’s 57 rural counties.

Leadership in Rural America Needs Diverse Skill Set

Michael Scott Karpovich, a certified professional speaker from Michigan, sums up clearly what it takes to be a leader in rural America. We need diversity of strengths and skills and teamwork to be effective decision makers. He uses the characters in the Wizard of Oz to demonstrate what is needed for an effective leadership team. 

An Intern Bids Goodbye

As a child, summers were magnificent. It was a time with no worries whatsoever. My only responsibility was to check the mail after I woke up. The best part, I usually woke up at noon.

Cedar County Energy Fair

The Center for Rural Affairs is planning an Energy Fair at the Hartington, Nebraska, Fairgrounds on September 18, 2008. Workshops and demonstrations are planned for energy conservation, small-scale wind turbines, Nebraska’s C-BED Project (community-owned wind energy), solar collectors, photo voltaics, bio-fuels, methane, and much more. Contact Martin Kleinschmit, 402.254.6893 or to find out more.



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