Too Much and Not Enough

Everyone knows about late night TV host David Letterman, but who knew he was a rancher on the side? Well he isn’t, but he received over $8000 in federal farm payments this past year for his Montana ranchland.

This Is NOT Reform

Since House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson unveiled his latest version of the 2007 farm bill a little over a week ago, speculation has swirled that Peterson would propose additional farm program payment limitation reform. The general consensus was that Peterson’s proposal for farm programs, an extension of current programs with minor tweaks, would face insurmountable political opposition on the floor of the House, so he would have to include more substantial changes during the full Agriculture Committee consideration of the 2007 farm bill th

Oversubsidizing and Underinvesting

We harp a great deal on the importance of rural development programs within the farm bill, and one of our constant refrains is “enact strong, effective payment limitations and put the savings into rural development programs that create genuine opportunity for all of rural America.” You might call it a talking point.

Yonder Yo

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