This week: Senate vote on farm bill, your calls are needed

The farm bill is on the move. This week, the Senate will vote on a draft farm bill, but it is still missing very important changes: policy to address abuse of commodity farm programs and close major loopholes.

We’re expecting TWO important amendments to be introduced to make these needed changes.

One from Sen. Grassley will close loopholes with farm program payments that allow non-farmers to receive large amounts of taxpayer dollars.

The other, from Sen. Durbin, will ensure that the government stops over-subsidizing crop insurance for the wealthiest operations.

But, these amendments won’t do any good unless your two senators vote for their passage.

Do you have five minutes to call both of your senators to ask for their votes on these amendments?

You can reach your Senator by calling the congressional switchboard: 202.224.3121

Here is a script you can use:

“Hello, my name is ____. I’m calling to share my SUPPORT for farm bill amendments that level the playing field for all farmers, close farm program loopholes, and stop over-subsidizing crop insurance for the largest operations. I’m asking my Senator to vote in SUPPORT of Sen. Grassley and Sen. Durbin’s amendments to the farm bill.”

Every call makes a difference. Thank you.