A signature of support for a healthier Nebraska

By Jean Thomas, Oakland, Nebraska

Everyone should be able to see a doctor when they need to. But too many Nebraskans can’t get coverage right now. That’s why I signed the petition to let Nebraskans vote this fall to help our neighbors who struggle to make ends meet afford health coverage through Medicaid.

Expanding Medicaid is the right move to help our neighbors get the health care they need, but it also would be an economic boost for our smaller towns. In the 33 other states that have expanded Medicaid, the addition of federal dollars have kept small-town hospitals and clinics open to serve the people who live there and remain an important source of jobs and community pride.

If a struggling clinic is forced to close, not only do we lose those jobs, but many people then have to travel even further to get medical care.

I hope you join me in signing the petition to expand Medicaid, then vote for a healthier future in November.

If you are a Nebraskan who wants to sign the petition or learn more, visit InsureTheGoodLife.org.

Feature photo: Jean Thomas lives in Oakland, Nebraska, which has a population of about 1,100. A hospital is located within Oakland that services the surrounding area. The hospital also has clinics in area towns.