Your signature makes a difference

Over the next month, Nebraskans have the opportunity to help bring health care access to 90,000 of our hard-working neighbors. By offering your signature to the Insure the Good Life ballot initiative, the state will be closer to closing the gap for those in our communities who work hard every day to provide for their families, but who are left without health care coverage.

Recently, Utahns surpassed the signature collection threshold to place the expansion of Medicaid on the November ballot. Idaho is following close behind. The residents of these rural states are seeking to extend access to coverage that has been denied by their state governments. If passed by the people in November, health care coverage will be made available to those who earn less than $16,643 annually for a single family household.

Nebraska has the opportunity to do the same.

For rural Nebraska, this expanded coverage is critically important. More than a quarter of the uninsured population who would qualify for this health care coverage reside in the state’s rural counties. These are residents who are unable to access coverage through an employer or who fall in the coverage gap.

As you are invited to sign the petition, remember the difference your signature will make in the life of the man who carries your groceries to your car or the woman who cares for your elderly parent. Your signature will allow all Nebraskans to have a voice in deciding the future of expanded health care coverage for our neighbors.

To learn more about signing the Insure the Good Life petition, visit