First draft of farm bill was released today: Your opinion matters

The House Agriculture Committee released their first draft of the farm bill today. We’ll share a statement about the content as soon as we can. Below are a few details on the process and a reminder of what you can do to engage.

First, a very simplified summary of the process:

  1. The House Ag Committee (members are here) released their draft today.
  2. The committee meets for "markup," set for next Wednesday, when they suggest and vote on changes ("amendments").
  3. The date is not set yet for the next stage, when the revised draft goes to the House floor for a vote. At this time, any member can introduce an amendment, and those are voted on.
  4. Finally, the House votes to pass a further revised version.

Then, we turn to the Senate to start a similar process on their side. After that, the bills will advance to conference committee where lawmakers will approve its the final passage.

Every step in this process matters in shaping the final farm bill. If you see something in our statement or in the press about the current farm bill draft that you support or object to, next week will be great time to reach out to your representative in the House – whether or not they are on the House committee – and let their office know.

The most effective calls are short, polite, and to the point. Check out our tips on how to engage with lawmakers.

Not sure who your representative is in the House? Look them up here.

All my best, and stay tuned,