Numbers don’t lie: Women’s Business Center stats add up to success

October is Women’s Small Business Month, a perfect time to reflect on the growth and success of Women’s Business Centers all over the U.S.

The Center for Rural Affairs’ Rural Enterprise Assistance Project Women’s Business Center is in its 16th year of funding. Between Sept. 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017, business specialists and contractors have offered:

  • 2,548 hours of business counseling (including preparation hours)
    • 584 clients served
  • 143 training opportunities
    • 1,048 clients
    • 68 percent of the trainees were women

Let’s take a look at stats from Women’s Business Centers in Nebraska.

  • 51,936 women-owned businesses; an increase of 10,936 businesses, or 26.7 percent, from 2007
  • 32.5 percent privately-held businesses owned by women; up from 26.8 percent in 2007
  • 7.6 percent revenue is generated by women-owned businesses, or $6.9 billion of receipts
  • 86.9 percent of women-owned firms are sole proprietorships, with receipts of $619.2 million
  • 44,915 people employed by the remaining 11.2 percent of women-owned firms, in addition to the owner
  • $1.3 billion paid to employees by women-owned employers; a $88.6 million, or 7.3 percent increase, since 2007

Nationally, growth has been seen in Women’s Business Centers:

  • Over 100 centers opened in the U.S. and its territories
  • 38 languages offered
  • 145,415 clients served
  • $229,771 is the average revenue of in-business clients
  • $658 million of total revenue growth
  • 96 percent is the average revenue growth rate
  • $31,293 of average revenue growth
  • 23,471 total new jobs
  • 9 percent is the average employment growth rate
  • 12 percent obtained new financing (totaling an estimated $429 million)
  • 37 percent of pre-ventures started their businesses
  • 17,435 new businesses

Clients’ thoughts on Women’s Business Centers:

  • 60 percent changed business practices as a result of working with providers
  • 91 percent would recommend Women’s Business Centers
  • 37 percent increased sales as a result of assistance

Join us in celebrating Women’s Business Centers this month. To learn more about our Women’s Business Center, click here. For training opportunities, click here.