Ensure your legacy and impact by contributing to the Granary Foundation

Did you know the Center for Rural Affairs has an endowment? We do! It’s called the Granary Foundation, and it exists to ensure the Center can continue doing our important work in rural America for generations to come.

Through the years, many of you have made investments in the Center, its work, and the future of rural America. Those investments have gone a long way toward establishing a brighter, stronger rural future. Making a contribution to the Granary Foundation is a great way to secure your legacy and impact.

There are many ways to contribute to the Granary Foundation. 

  1. A gift of cash, stock, or grain/livestock: these continue to be the easiest ways to give, and can result in significant tax savings.
  2. Mandatory minimum Individual Retirement Account (IRA) distribution: If you are over 70½ years old and have an existing IRA, you can make gifts of up to $100,000 directly from your IRA.
  3. Hank Rohling Land Legacy gifts: Through a program named in honor of our friend and colleague, Hank Rohling, the Granary Foundation accepts gifts of land. Land received as a legacy gift will be used to help beginning farmers and ranchers get their starts.
  4. Charitable gift annuities: You can establish a charitable gift annuity through the Center. In doing so, a contract is established between yourself and the Center. Annuities are a great way to make contributions to the Granary, achieve significant tax benefits, and establish a steady, regular income for yourself or designated beneficiary.
  5. Bequests and charitable remainder trusts: Consider making the Granary Foundation a beneficiary of your estate or trust. You can reference a dollar amount or percentage of assets, or percentage of remaining assets after everything else is settled.
  6. Life insurance policy and retirement funds: Do you have established life insurance policy or retirement funds you no longer need? You can reassign the Center as a beneficiary. 

On behalf of the Center and everyone who cares deeply about the rural parts of our nation, thank you for your support. Your dedication to ensuring a stronger and brighter future for rural America is inspirational. We are proud to be doing this important work with you.

Feature photo: There are many ways you can contribute to the Granary Foundation, which is the Center for Rural Affairs’ endowment fund. Contact Tyler for more information. | Photo by Kylie Kai

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