Insure commodities you have not insured before

Farmers and ranchers, have you heard of Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)?

WFRP is a crop insurance plan that allows a farmer or rancher to insure the revenue for their operation in its entirety. The program is available in all counties nationwide. You can utilize WFRP as your sole source of crop insurance or with other federal crop insurance policies.

The majority of crop insurance in the United States covers just four crops: corn, beans, wheat, and cotton. For producers of other commodities — such as organic oats or pumpkins — insurance coverage has been limited. Diversified producers have struggled to find policies that cover certain crops in the past, but WFRP may be a viable solution today.

Owners of diversified operations can use WFRP in combination with other crop insurance products or as a standalone plan. It allows farmers and ranchers to insure commodities they couldn’t insure before – small grains crop, livestock, even fruits and vegetables – as long as there is a history of revenue.

Do you have questions about WFRP, or want to share your experience with us? Now is the time to learn more about the program and find out if it is the right fit for your operation. Producers deserve to know what risk management protection options are available. Give us a call at 402.687.2100.