Take Action NOW to Stand Up for Farmers and Water Quality

Water quality management, flood prevention, beginning farmer resources, and sustainable agriculture research are on the chopping block at the Iowa legislature!

The Iowa legislature has proposed to zero out the budgets of both the Iowa Flood Center and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. The proposed cuts are expected to stop work at both of these centers, which provide much needed research and outreach to tackle Iowa’s water quality crisis, prevent and predict catastrophic flooding, support beginning farmers, and integrate alternative cropping systems into the Iowa landscape.

Call your legislators NOW to tell them that rural Iowans depend on the work conducted by the Iowa Flood Center and the Leopold Center.

The Iowa Flood Center was created in the aftermath of the 2008 flood to serve as the go-to resource for Iowa communities to prevent, predict, and respond to flood events. The Flood Center just received a $96 million federal HUD grant to implement watershed plans and help communities tackle both water quality and flood prevention. That grant will likely be forfeited if the Iowa legislature slashes Flood Center funding.

The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture is a nationally-recognized leader on crop system and market research that helps farmers adopt alternative crops while remaining profitable. We hear from our farmer supporters that they would love to grow more oats, small grains, and perennials but need access to improved seed varieties, research on growing techniques, and information about markets. The Leopold Center has long supported that research. At a time when commodity prices are falling and farmers are increasingly concerned by water quality, the work of the Leopold Center is more important than ever!

The decision to either fund or cut these centers will likely come today or tomorrow. Please call your legislators now!