Here's what's at stake for rural America

Dear Friends,

Today, the new administration was officially sworn into office. As a result, we will be facing new challenges and opportunities, and together we must quickly adapt our plans to capitalize on them. We need your help to ensure we are able to fight for a vibrant future for rural America.

The policies already put forward by this administration would create major change in rural America. We need to make our voices heard early and often to ensure those changes advance our common values.

We expect major fights on important issues that will impact your community:

  • Standing up for your health insurance - More than 20 million people — including many farmers, ranchers and small town business owners — have gained health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Congress is poised to repeal the law with no plan for replacement. This move would have a dramatic impact on rural people, leaving many with no access to health coverage. As disagreements emerge over strategy, both the new president and some congressional leaders are demanding a clear replacement before the Affordable Care Act is repealed. 
  • Continuing the transition to clean energy - With your help, we are making significant progress diversifying the nation’s energy supply. Wind energy is injecting jobs and tax revenue into many rural towns. Opportunities lay ahead, but the new administration has signaled their intent to roll back basic clean air regulations.
  • Fighting for family farmers - With Congress set to debate a new farm bill starting this year, over two decades of victories are at stake. We need your help as we stand up to protect farm conservation programs from deep cuts. We also need your voice to speak out to support gains you’ve helped win in beginning farmer, niche markets and rural small business policy. We’re already forming unlikely partnerships across the political spectrum in our fight to improve federal crop insurance for family farm agriculture.
  • Protecting your retirement security - You worked hard to earn your Medicare health coverage and your Social Security income. Congressional leaders have plans to cut both programs. Cuts to these programs would hit rural America particularly hard where there are more people over the age of 65 than other parts of the nation. 

This is just a short list of the battles we expect to face in the next four years. We are going up against outside forces with deep pockets and strong wills. Significant resources are needed to help ensure that the victories you’ve won are not undone. It will take the full strength of our combined efforts.

Each new administration provides new opportunities and new challenges. We are eager to work with this administration in the areas where we agree, and we will stand vigilant with a voice that will not be silenced where we do not.

For more than 40 years you’ve stood with us for the betterment of rural America. You know that we will continue to represent your voice, as we fight even harder for our shared values and dreams for the future of rural America. Will you join us with a gift today? Your support will make a difference.

We look forward to standing strong with you for the next four years and beyond.


Johnathan Hladik
Policy Director

P.S. The new administration has been decided, but the future of rural America has not. The work we have in front of us isn’t for the faint of heart. Will you help ensure we have the resources we need to carry the fight forward? Please consider making a gift to support our efforts today. It’s truly never been more important. Thank you.