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Farm to School Factoid Recap

October is Farm to School Month (#F2SMonth) both nationally and statewide here in Nebraska. We hope you've been following along with some of our Farm to School activities like our meet 'n greets for producers and schools, Nebraska Farm to School Summit, and factoids! 

If you missed some of our Farm to School factoids, have no fear! We've a recap below.

Celebrate Farms and Schools in Nebraska

In October, America celebrates the harvest, and specifically initiatives to put healthy, locally grown food on our childrens’ plates at school. And it all starts with America’s farmers and ranchers.
Many of us who raise our own food, whether in a pot or a small garden, do so as a hobby. If there’s too much heat, not enough rain or too many pests, we are disappointed and frustrated but the love of growing fresh, nutritious foods pulls us through tough times.


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