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School Greenhouses Poised to Deliver Tasty and Lasting Changes

Planning is underway for two schools chosen to participate in our Greenhouse-Grown Organic Entrepreneurs program. Congratulations to East Butler Public Schools and York Public Schools!

East Butler and York will bring the farm to school during the 2015-2016 year. Growing edible and organic produce for school meals in the cafeteria, educating students about the sources of their food, and teaching entrepreneurial skills; it’s a triple win!

Awesome Farm Tour of Clear Creek Organics Coming in August

In America, too many of our children don’t know where food comes from. You might think, yeah, but that’s an urban thing. Well think again.

Three years ago, a Nebraska school studied the food knowledge of kindergarten through third graders. They discovered many students had no concept of where food originated beyond grocery store shelves. They didn’t know what bread was made of or that milk comes from a cow before the carton. But that's about to change!

Growing Farm to School Programs

Farm to school programs offer children better, fresher, more nutritious, and more local food choices that empower children and their families learn more about the food on their plates and make better food choices. These programs also help strengthen rural and small town economies by creating economic opportunities for local farmers and ranchers as well as local food processors.

School’s Almost Out – It’s Time to Think Farm to Summer

Cucumbers, raspberries, onions, strawberries, zucchini ... the list goes on and on. It seems like summer is when we really start to eat well.

The bounty is great, but how can we get these colorful foods onto our kid’s plates when school is out? According to Kayte Partch of the Nebraska Department of Education, the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provides ample opportunity for our kids eat real food at zero cost to the family.


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