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All I want for Christmas is Crop Insurance Reform

On December 7 and 8, an historic meeting took place in Des Moines, Iowa. It wasn’t historic because there were thousands of people there. It wasn’t historic because the people there were famous. For the most part, there wasn’t anyone there who is much more famous (or notorious, depending on perspective) than I am.

On those unseasonably warm December days, about 25 farmers and representatives of farm, rural, and conservation organizations gathered to discuss the need for reforming federal crop insurance policies, and to plan a campaign to achieve those reforms.

A Sign of the Trouble with Crop Insurance in the Center’s Area

We clipped this ad from the local paper. This outfit seeks to “acquire” 5,000 acres of farmland in our home county. That will cost them nearly $50 million. They own 1,900 acres in the county now, and are connected to a “wealth management” firm in Omaha. They pay cash, and require existing tenant rights be terminated.

Explanation of Crop Insurance Hidden Benefits

During the last farm bill debate we heard Congressional leaders say, farmers don’t get a check, they get a bill for their crop insurance.
While that statement may be true, it’s also true that crop insurance is heavily subsidized, providing unlimited premium subsidies to the nation’s largest and wealthiest farms on every acre, every year, regardless of prices, production or farm profitability.
 We created a mock “explanation of benefits” to demonstrate the largess.


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