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“We are unapologetically rural,” said Brian Depew – Executive Director who is leading the center on a host of rural issues.  One of their ongoing battles impacts nearly every, single farmer across the nation – Federal Crop Insurance Reform.

Ideas for Crop Insurance Reform

We believe a crop insurance program backed by the federal government is an important and necessary component of an effective farm safety net. However, we also believe the current program has problems that need to be fixed to ensure it is actually fostering family-farm agriculture and stewardship of land, water, and communities.

Gearing Up for the Big Fight

Crop insurance is an important and necessary component of an effective farm safety net. However, it is a very complex program that will work more effectively with much-needed, commonsense reforms.
Under current law, we are subsidizing crop insurance at an average rate of 62% on every acre without limit regardless of farm size or wealth. We have an issue with that. Our tax dollars - the public trust - subsidize the largest operators no matter how big they get.

All I want for Christmas is Crop Insurance Reform

On December 7 and 8, an historic meeting took place in Des Moines, Iowa. It wasn’t historic because there were thousands of people there. It wasn’t historic because the people there were famous. For the most part, there wasn’t anyone there who is much more famous (or notorious, depending on perspective) than I am.

On those unseasonably warm December days, about 25 farmers and representatives of farm, rural, and conservation organizations gathered to discuss the need for reforming federal crop insurance policies, and to plan a campaign to achieve those reforms.


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