Climate News

Papal Encyclical on Climate

You may have heard a stir in the news that pairs the pope and climate action. Maybe you are like me, and you find that pairing very encouraging.

Pope Francis’ recent encyclical, Laudato sii: On the Care of our Common Home, is a teaching document for leadership of the Church, but also for Catholics as a whole. Encyclicals generally discuss important aspects of Catholic Doctrine.

Unapologetically Rural: Clean Energy

“The biggest issue on climate right now is that there is no awareness. We need to let people know.” Those words from our annual report came from Arlyn Schipper.

Last March Arlyn Schipper, a conventional grain farmer in Grundy Center, Iowa, took part in an event we hosted in a nearby town church hall. Our conversation focused on the threat climate change poses to modern agriculture. Until last year Arlyn didn’t believe in climate change. Six months later he was asking a room of 75 rural citizens to take action.

Transmission Updates Support Midwestern Collaboration

Later this summer the Environmental Protection Agency will release final details for the Clean Power Plan – a new rule that will reduce energy sector carbon emissions 30% by 2030. The CPP is innovative. It allows each state to create an individualized plan to meet emissions targets. Despite the occasional protest, most Midwestern states already are hard at work to determine how best to meet their reduction goals.


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