Corporate Farming News

Godspeed Old Friend

During the Center’s early years the organization made some big splashes. The publication of reports such as Who Will Sit Up with the Corporate Sow? in 1975 and Wheels of Fortune in 1976 established the Center as a crucial voice in rural policy debates in and beyond Nebraska.

Corporate Farming Notes: GIPSA Rule

In March, the House of Representatives adopted a Senate-approved continuing resolution to fund federal spending through Sep 30, 2013. Unfortunately, two troubling legislative “riders” were included in the final legislation. The first sidestepped the 2008 Farm Bill provision that required the Secretary of Agriculture to write what is commonly called the GIPSA rule.

Corporate Farming Notes: COOL and Kansas Anti-Corporate Farming Law

Things are looking up for Country of Origin Labeling. COOL requires retailers to provide consumers information about the country where fruits, vegetables, fish, shellfish, and meats originate. Last June, the World Trade Organization found that US rules for meat discriminate against Canadian and Mexican imports. They issued a May 23 deadline to comply with the ruling.

Hot and Dry, Cold and Wet

In 2012, critically hot, dry weather hit the Midwest and Great Plains, while the East Coast endured floods, Hurricane Sandy and record New England snowfall. Climatologists described these specific weather events, for the first time, as part of a changing climate attributed to global warming.


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