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Remind Your Candidate: Farm Bill is Top Priority

With the election just around the corner and the Farm Bill not yet done, you still have opportunity to ensure those seeking your vote understand your priorities. There’s been a good deal of media attention and talk about the Farm Bill, with a big push for getting it done this year. We agree Congress should get its act together, start governing, and pass a farm bill. But we also think it’s important they get it done right.

Soil Carbon and Agriculture: Payment and Storage Policies

Climate scientists tell us that extreme weather events such as this year’s Midwestern heat and drought are examples of climate changes that will be more common in the years ahead. These changes will affect our agriculture: how much we can grow, where we can grow it, and how profitable our farmers will be. At the same time, agriculture has a role to play in reducing these impacts.

International Food Aid and Rural Development

If you live in a small town, you know that strong rural communities rely on an active local economy. The Center for Rural Affairs has been saying this for the better part of four decades.

Farmers and small businesses rely on consumers buying their products for survival. And we all need investments in rural economic development and infrastructure to thrive.

House Ag Committee Farm Bill Passes

The House Agriculture Committee passed their version of the Farm Bill on July 12. But, as we post this, the full 2012 Farm Bill has yet to see floor time in the House of Representatives.

The committee-passed bill slashes investment in rural small business development and value-added agriculture, while increasing crop insurance subsidies for some of the nation’s largest farms and wealthiest landowners.

Conservation in the Farm Bill

The farm bill considered by the full Senate in late June lacked some important provisions. One of those was linking basic conservation requirements to federal crop insurance subsidies.


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