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Unfair Treatment of Contract Chicken Farmers Ruffles John Oliver's Feathers

John Oliver reports what we already knew: Americans love the taste of chicken. The current deman requires 169 million chicks a week, which Oliver calls, "Warren Beatty numbers." Four big poultry companies use a system of contract farmers to meet this demand.  In spite of this HUGE demand, Oliver reports, a shockingly large number of these contract chicken farmers live at or below the poverty line.

Pork Crisis Response

It's a Throwback Thursday (#tbt)! This essay is from the Center's archives. It ran in the Center for Rural Affairs newsletter in January 1999, and John is plugging away for an even better rural America.

In recent weeks hog prices have fallen to levels not seen for over 30 years. Taking inflation into account, the value of hogs has not been lower since the Great Depression. Left unchecked, the current crisis in the hog markets will undoubtedly destroy much of what remains of family farm hog production and bring untold devastation to rural America.


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