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Rural Nerds: Top 10 Rural Research Looks at Hardship

Number 5 in our countdown of the Center for Rural Affairs Top 10 Rural Research Reports is not for the faint of heart. This week the Throwback Thursday report is Swept Away: Chronic Harship and Fresh Promise on the Rural Great Plains, from 2003.

It compares the prosperity then sweeping the country with the economic hardship experienced in rural areas. Jon Bailey and Kim Preston began the report this way: "A poor man’s field may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away." - Proverbs 13:23 (New International Version)

Explanation of Crop Insurance Hidden Benefits

During the last farm bill debate we heard Congressional leaders say, farmers don’t get a check, they get a bill for their crop insurance.
While that statement may be true, it’s also true that crop insurance is heavily subsidized, providing unlimited premium subsidies to the nation’s largest and wealthiest farms on every acre, every year, regardless of prices, production or farm profitability.
 We created a mock “explanation of benefits” to demonstrate the largess.


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