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Sortum practices stewardship in the Sandhills

Sarah Sortum always hoped to raise her kids on the family ranch in Nebraska’s eastern Sandhills.

She shares this goal with her brother, as the two want to ensure the ranch’s vitality for generations to come.

“At one point, we began to ask ourselves, ‘What do we want the opportunities to be like for our kids and grandkids 50 years from now? What can we do now that will support them then?’” Sarah said.

South Dakota cousins improve pasture management with CSP

For Charlie and Aaron Johnson, family farming takes on a very literal meaning.

The cousins work together alongside Charlie’s brothers, Allan and Kevin, and Charlie’s son, Jordan, to operate a combined nearly 3,000 acres in Madison, South Dakota.

The Johnsons’ operation includes four major crops—corn, oats, soybeans, and alfalfa hay—in a six-year rotation. 

Estímulo económico - ¿que deben saber agrícolas familiares?

Al frente de la crisis de salud pública debido al coronavirus, el congreso aprobó un paquete de estímulo económico el viernes 27 de marzo, llamado el Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. La ley proporciona niveles sin precedentes de fondos de ayuda a individuos e industrias, incluyendo una variedad de apoyos para la agricultura. 


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