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Ric Camacho Turned Tough Times into a Successful Business

The year was 2009 and as always, history seemed to repeat itself. This was evident to Ric Camacho Sr; just a year before he was employed by a large construction and mechanical firm. He worked for a company that was now busy eliminating departments and reducing jobs, including his. Ric worked in the mechanical division of the company, leading the plumbing, HVAC and sheet metal fabrication departments. 

SCORE Congratulates REAP on 25 Years of Service

Thanks to guest author Gene D. Knapp, with SCORE, for the kind words about the Center for Rural Affairs' REAP program.

SCORE has worked very successfully with REAP in Nebraska to jointly help entrepreneurs succeed. SCORE is a 50+ year old not-for-profit, 501(c)3, resource center of the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed in starting small businesses and in growing their small businesses.

Three Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Business

Small businesses continually seek surefire ways to grow. But there is no one answer for where and how to advertise, how much to spend, or how to reach the people who are your most likely prospects. All of these depend on where you are, what you do, your position in the marketplace, and the types of problems you solve for your customers.

While there is no silver bullet that works for everyone, there are three guaranteed ways to increase your business.


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