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Janelle Moran Recognized for 10 Years of Service to Rural Nebraska

Janelle Moran recently reached the 10-year mark in working for the Center for Rural Affairs as the Southeast Nebraska REAP Loan Specialist in the REAP program. Janelle has done an outstanding job in implementing REAP services in southeast Nebraska over the past 10 years.

Highlights of Janelle's work include lending close to $2 million in REAP loans and leveraging over $3 million in loans from other sources.  Janelle's work with startup and existing small businesses in southeast Nebraska has resulted in over 500 jobs being created and/or retained.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive and Well in Custer County

By Dena Beck, REAP Senior Project Leader

As I move into more administrative duties with the Center for Rural Affairs' REAP program, I've been reminiscing about my visits to small towns of Central & SW Nebraska to help rural small businesses.

Looking back on my nine years serving small businesses in Custer County at the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce, the experience was different from what I experienced in McCook

Rural Rockstars: Greg and Kristy Parr Receive Prestigious Award

Greg and Kristy Parr of Norfolk, Nebraska, have been chosen as our Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipients. They were honored for their efforts to establish and grow their business Custom Sports, as well as their integrity and leadership.

The Entrepreneur Award is presented annually to those who best exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that defines and is so crucial to the future prosperity of Nebraska’s rural communities.

Congratulations to 2015 REAP Award Winners

Every year REAP recognizes entrepreneurs and individuals who have worked with us to strengthen small towns and rural communities through small, self-employed business development. This year the awards will be given on March 11, 2016, at our annual awards banquet. You will be able to read more about these folks in the Spring edition of the REAP Business Update. For now, here's a sneak peek of this special group.


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