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Projections Help Determine the Feasibility of Your Business

It’s always advisable to assess if a business is feasible, but in this economy, it’s essential to do research and make the best decisions for your business or potential business. When REAP staff work with business owners, it’s often the financial projections that are the most difficult to predict with any accuracy.

REAP Increases Efforts to Reach Entrepreneurs Online

The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP), a program of the Center for Rural Affairs, is well known for producing impressive results. We combine a willingness to try innovative programming with a penchant for applying unique methods, which often achieves extraordinary results. The term “innovative” can be defined in many different ways. For REAP, the three best definitions are “original” or “one-of-a-kind” and “on the cutting edge.”

Fire Ignites Desire to Reopen Auto Repair Shop

Edgar’s Japanese Auto Repair re-opened in Lexington, Nebraska, in May of 2002. Prior to 2002, Edgar had the same business for 12 years in the Los Angeles area. The Gutierrez’s decided to move to Nebraska so their children could have a better place to grow up and so they could have more opportunities as small business owners than the metropolitan area offered.


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