Your support makes our work happen

You did it. Take a look!

We are happy to share four pictures of rural people working with the Center for Rural Affairs  to make small towns more vibrant places. Your support for the Center makes the work pictured here happen.

From small town storefronts to Midwest ranches, and from school cafeterias to the halls of power in Washington, rural people are working everyday to live up to the values the Center stands for.

Thank you for being part of the team that makes it all possible – team rural.

Policy work

Your gifts to the Center helped pay for a plane ticket to get Greg Brokaw from Ashley, North Dakota, to Washington, DC. Here Greg meets with his Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, along with Center staff Traci Bruckner. Greg urged Sen. Heitkamp to make farm policy work better for small and mid-size farmers, increase investment in conservation, and support small business development. With Greg as your representative in Washington, we won reforms in the farm bill. Read more about our Farm Policy work here.

Small Business Work

Did you know the Center for Rural Affairs is one of the largest nonprofit small business lenders in the nation? Pictured here is Merritt Lawson, of Kearney, Nebraska, and owner of Harmony Martial Arts. Merritt got a business loan from our Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) for marketing efforts to expand his business. Through loans, training and one-one-one assistance, the Center helps small business dreams come true every day. Find more about our small business work here.

Farm to School

With a farm-to-school movement sweeping the nation, the Center for Rural Affairs launched a project to drive healthy food onto the plates of school kids in small and rural districts. We want to prove that any size school can connect with local farmers to improve school food. Work includes coordinating partnerships in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota. Thank you for being part of making these kids happy eaters. Find out more about Farm to School here.

Conservation Work

Max Wilson wants to leave the land in better shape than he found it. He uses the Conservation Stewardship Program to help do that. The Center helped to write and win the Conservation Stewardship Program. That program now supports conservation practices on more than 70 million acres nationwide. With support from federal conservation programs, Max is prioritizing conservation grazing, wildlife habitat and is using goats to control weeds. That sounds like change we can all get behind! Read about our 2014 Farm Bill goals, and what we will continue to work on for the 2018 Farm Bill.