With your help, we salute dogs and rural America

We have crossed the halfway point in the Dog Days of Summer, our August campaign to raise $10,000 by Aug. 31.

We need your help. Have you donated yet? We still need $7,149 to get to $10,000 in 15 days.

The funds will be distributed across many areas of our work, for what you care about: Farm to School; microenterprises, including our Women’s Business Center and Latino Business Center; beginning, women and Latino farmers and ranchers;  the work we do with gardens, farmers markets and workshops on Native American reservations; rural development work in rural communities, including work on grocery stores; environment work on clean energy, water and climate change; crop insurance reform; rural health; policy that affects rural communities, family farmers and ranchers and small businesses; and making sure your voices are heard in Washington, D.C., as well as state governments.

Donate today. And when you do, send a photo of your pup to info@cfra.org, and we will feature the photo on our website and social media. Let us know why you and your dog care about rural America.

Tessa, the English setter, loves to run through fields. Thanks to our policy work supporting family farms and ranches, she easily can sprint across the yard into the corn.

Diego Heinz Smith likes chasing rabbits, moving cows and hiking with her human companions - in that order. The rescue dog visits the family farm in Wyoming and loves everyone she meets.

Oslo hasn't found a shortage of fun odors to roll in yet. The boxer also jumps in puddles and marks trees - activities this dog enjoys in his rural community.

Be like Tessa, Diego, Oslo and the dogs below. Donate today.






Tina Marie