Photos Show Beauty and Detail of Everyday Life

Here at the Center for Rural Affairs, we have a deep appreciation of art. It has the ability to touch our lives, build a shared appreciation of culture, and strengthen community ties.

Our staff is a talented crew – both on the job and off. Gardening, cooking, knitting, woodworking, writing and photography are only a few examples of our creative hobbies.

During June and July, a photography exhibit on display in Lincoln, Nebraska, features the work of Lauren Kolojejchick-Kotch, Policy Program Associate at the Center.

Lauren has considered herself an amateur photographer for the past 10 years. She began taking photos as a youngster. “I take pictures in an effort to appreciate and share simple beauty, but also to learn new things and understand a place on a deeper level,” she said.

An extensive traveler, Lauren’s photos are varied and interesting, as the samples below show.

LKK photo exhibit

When I asked Lauren what she wants people to take away from the exhibit, she had a great answer. “I hope people take a moment to think about terrific beauty and fascinating detail in their own lives. I think of my photos as a prompt, something to encourage greater attention to the little things, and hope other people do too.”

If you are in the Lincoln area, Lauren’s photos are exhibited at Ploughshare Brewing through the end of July. Ploughshare is located at 1630 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508.