Center Spirit Award

Memorial Day weekend kicked off a new Center for Rural Affairs tradition - a spirit award! The inaugural award went to Dena Beck, Senior Project Leader and Loan Specialist for our small business development program, REAP.

Dena had posted a photograph of her spiffy home office on facebook, adorned with the wood window frame carved with the Center's logo. (See it above.)

We thought it was her pride in working for such a great organization that prompted the carving (blush). But the beautiful frame has an even more personal meaning for the Beck's, and for us.

Dena's husband David always thought the logo looked like him and one of their daughters looking out at the home place 5 miles north of town where the creek runs just east of the house. David put it up about 8 years ago when the office moved upstairs.

Do you have your own impression of the Center's logo? Dave Buchholz, with David & Associates, the firm who helped design our logo, describes it this way.

"The logo shape itself resembles an arched window — we are, in effect, looking through this window to rural America — over the shoulders of those who live and work in this place — and sharing their view of what is important to them.

"The image combines people, community, and natural resources — the raw materials that form the very substance of rural America. There is an interdependent relationship between these components that must be recognized and nurtured to maintain the viability and sustainability of rural  areas.

"The Center for Rural Affairs is concerned not only with what happens in rural areas today — but in the future. The father and daughter speak to this concern and underscore the fact that decisions we make today will be the heritage we pass along to future generations.

"The logo is by no means an idealized view of rural America. Nor is it a 'hearkening back' to the way things were. Instead, the father and daughter are looking ahead and beyond — envisioning a future in the place they call 'home.' The road to the horizon also communicates a 'looking ahead' — and a path to be taken."

Now how perfect is that? Congratulations to Dena, David, and the Beck family for their thoroughly rural spirit!