Page Memorial Hospital: Where Things Are Looking Up

We recently posted an article by Brian Depew on rural hospitals closures across the country. We used the photo of Page Memorial Hospital in rural Virginia. Today we received a very polite note from Carol Weare, Public Relations Manager for Valley Health in Winchester, Virginia.

Carol said: "We were a little surprised to see a photo of one of our not-for-profit hospitals framed up under your blog post, 'Rural Hospitals Closing at Rate of 1 Per Month.'

The average reader might infer that Page Memorial Hospital in Luray, VA has closed or is threatened. Not true!

We just successfully challenged an attempt to revoke PMH’s Critical Access Hospital designation, so things are looking up (for a rural hospital in a state that chose not to expand Medicaid.)

We have a beautiful new facility and love seeing it in print – except when it’s potentially misleading.

Can you make a substitution, please? Or clarify that PMH is not closing?"

Carol, we are happy to make this clarification. We're so pleased you let us know your hospital was successful in retaining your Critical Access Hospital designation and that you plan to serve rural residents for a long time to come. Thank you for your note!