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Will the Programs You Need Get Funded?

Springtime in Washington, DC – the cherries are in bloom, the weather is erratic, and legislators start “the appropriations process.”

The what?! The appropriations process, or “approps” as the kids say, is the time when members of Congress decide which programs will get funded in the coming year, and for how much. It is a critical time for the programs many of us count on in rural America, even if you don’t realize these programs are helping your community.

How can you be involved to make sure these programs keep rural America thriving? 

Fewer Mid-Sized Farms in Operation

The Census of Agriculture provides statistical information that helps policymakers understand the agricultural landscape. Ultimately, it helps them design effective policy that responds to the challenges and opportunities identified. This is our second in a series of articles drilling down into the recently released 2012 Census of Agriculture’s preliminary report. Here we focus on mid-scale farms, as well as mid-age farms.

We Are Rural: Advocacy

After a two-year debate, a new farm bill cleared the House and Senate as our annual report headed to the printer. It was a heck of a fight. We won some and lost some. Many of you weighed in throughout to speak up for investments in beginners, small businesses, and natural resources.

Farm Bill 2014: This Is Not Reform

President Obama signed the Farm Bill into law on February 7, 2014 in East Lansing, Michigan. Some refer to the bill as a mixed bag. While there are some good provisions, many of which you helped us advocate for over the past few years, the Center for Rural Affairs opposed the final Farm Bill.


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