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Trust Me

Want to make money? I’ve got a great investment opportunity for you! Don’t worry about the details--just give me your money and you’ll profit. Ignore the fact that 97% of financial investors disagree with my plan. My intuition tells me that this is a safe bet.

Taxes, Wind-Energy, and the Power Company

Thank goodness tax-season is nearly over. Every year my jaw tightens and fists clench as I sift through documents and forms. Tax-time is not my best-time. Sometimes I’m tempted to hand over the keys to someone else, and just trust that they will act in my best interest.

Efficiency Gains

Energy is on everyone's mind, from politicians to our neighbors, but we are not helpless! The uncertain economy is a perfect time for you to evaluate your own energy use--and find the savings.

Andrew Carnegie spent heavily in down economic times. He built new factories and tuned up his company. When the economic depression ended, Carnegie Steel (later renamed U.S. Steel) was stronger and ready to grow. This is a classic lesson of winter preparation leading to a strong spring.


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