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Climate Change Demands Our Leadership

Everyone is talking about the weather this spring. My apple trees were in full bloom before the end of March when temperatures hit 90 degrees. Two weeks later, the forecast low was for 27 degrees. If it dips to 25 degrees, I can expect 90 percent fruit loss.

Is this the End of Coal?

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a draft rule to put tough limits on greenhouse gas emissions. It will require new coal-fired power plants to emit less than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour. Today the average coal-fired power plant releases twice that amount.

Trust Me

Want to make money? I’ve got a great investment opportunity for you! Don’t worry about the details--just give me your money and you’ll profit. Ignore the fact that 97% of financial investors disagree with my plan. My intuition tells me that this is a safe bet.

Taxes, Wind-Energy, and the Power Company

Thank goodness tax-season is nearly over. Every year my jaw tightens and fists clench as I sift through documents and forms. Tax-time is not my best-time. Sometimes I’m tempted to hand over the keys to someone else, and just trust that they will act in my best interest.


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