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Lame Duck: Level the Energy Playing Field

As we recover from the election season’s barrage of insults, advertisements, and acronyms, I don’t blame you if your eyes begin to glaze over when we mention the PTC. Unless you’re a career politician, we can all agree you’ve earned a bit of a break.

If you are a politician, though, you don’t get a break. It’s time for you to work. It’s time to extend the Production Tax Credit.

Stewardship & Climate Change

No one would call farmer, former Illinois Farm Bureau leader, and Bush Administration appointee Leland Strom an environmental wacko. But Farm Credit Administration head Strom says agriculture should not dismiss climate change as “climatologists trying to scare the populace.” Citing the crop damage from extreme weather, he said, “Let’s engage in laying out a plan” to deal with it.

The scientific evidence is mounting that greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to rising temperatures and more extreme weather.

Clean Energy Transmission-It’s a Big Deal!

Clean energy transmission projects aren’t built every day. In fact, they aren’t even built every year. Many rural regions will go five, 10, 15 years between projects.

But clean energy transmission is a big deal. So when a project starts, we pay attention. Especially when the project opens new lands to wind development, helps retire old and dirty coal-fired power plants, and employs workers and manufacturers from communities along the route.


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