Clean Energy News

Transmission Updates Support Midwestern Collaboration

Later this summer the Environmental Protection Agency will release final details for the Clean Power Plan – a new rule that will reduce energy sector carbon emissions 30% by 2030. The CPP is innovative. It allows each state to create an individualized plan to meet emissions targets. Despite the occasional protest, most Midwestern states already are hard at work to determine how best to meet their reduction goals.

Belgrade Solar Tour Generates Energy and Interest

Solar energy was the main topic of interest on May 16 at Jim Knopik’s farm near Belgrade, Neb. More than 20 visitors watched the electric meter change speed when the sun came from behind the clouds on the partly-cloudy day. Jim noted, “My meter actually runs backwards on days when the sun is fully exposed and my usage is low."

Giving Landowners the Power

High-voltage transmission lines are needed to meet evolving energy needs. Engineers estimate that seven billion dollars of investment is required to properly maintain and update the electric grid.
But building lines isn’t easy.  Developers will need to acquire thousands of acres of land from landowners across the country.  

Good Wind Development Requires Community Outreach

When you think about new wind energy development, what comes to mind? Do you think about local schools, police, and fire departments benefiting from property taxes? Perhaps you count the number of new jobs on the horizon. Or the payments landowners will receive for hosting turbines on their land.

It’s true that renewable energy can help grow rural economies. Yet the biggest question most people have is this: “How will this project impact me and my home town?”


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