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An Affordable Pathway to Big Energy Savings

What if I told you your utility could help reduce your electric bill while increasing the comfort of your home?  More and more utilities are finding ways to do just this, often using (stay with me here) “tariffed on-bill financing.”

New Grasslands Conservation Opportunity Available for Interested Landowners

By Brad Mohrmann, with K Coe Isom, a consulting firm with roots in rural communities
A new type of carbon credit program designed for long-term conservation initiatives such as conservation easements on grasslands is beginning to enroll landowners this year. The goal of this effort is to develop a pilot project designed to conserve grasslands and reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions from land conversion. The program could potentially pay landowners who are avoiding crop cultivation activities in concert with easement activity.

Some good news in the wind

The 2016 session of the Nebraska Legislature is well behind us, and while there were plenty of frustrations and issues left unaddressed, it is important to recognize the good news and victories that did come out of the Unicameral this year.

In particular, the passage of LB 824, a bill to modernize Nebraska energy law and level the playing field for wind development in Nebraska was just such a victory. It was no easy victory, but after a heavy organizing push, the Legislature stood up for wind energy development and passed the bill.

Respect and Restore

We believe that developing renewable wind energy brings real benefits to rural communities across the nation. To ensure these benefits aren’t realized at the expense of landowners and community members, wind energy projects must address the challenges presented by the construction process.
The Center for Rural Affairs recently released a report entitled Respect and Restore: Reassessing Local Wind Energy Standards, that examines issues being overlooked in county and township wind energy ordinances.

Need More Talk About Nebraska’s Energy Future

Right now the Nebraska Energy Office, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and our Public Power Districts are hard at work planning for Nebraska's energy future. These agencies have been tasked with putting together a comprehensive State Energy Plan that looks at the cost of fuel, future customer growth, where we currently get our power from, future generation options, and environmental regulations. The final Nebraska Department of Energy plan will likely include recommendations for future energy investments and other decisions regarding our public power system.


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