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Your rural voice: Proposed state law would undo work of local officials

Connecting rural Nebraskans to new economic development opportunities is a key piece of the long-term health of our small towns and communities. The Center is opposed to LB 373 because it would remove local control from Nebraskans and limit economic opportunities for rural communities.

Coal power debt stifles rural progress

Rural America could power a clean economy — but first we need to solve the coal debt crisis.

As the price of renewable energy declines, new wind and solar projects are being built across the country. These projects create jobs, reduce pollution, and help keep electricity rates stable, facilitating a significant return on investment for communities hosting projects. And, most of the time, new renewable energy projects are built in rural America, tapping into abundant wind and solar resources.

Local engagement is key to realizing North Dakota’s clean energy potential

Residents of the Great Plains are no strangers to windy conditions, or to the potential to use this resource to generate clean energy. While solar has boomed, wind energy continues to be the leading renewable energy industry in the region. States with great wind energy potential, like North Dakota, have a chance to develop these resources and reap the benefits of being a renewable energy leader.


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