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Young People in Kansas Taken Seriously

A Kansas state program called The Rural Opportunity Zone repays student loans over five years. It’s for those willing to relocate to 50 designated counties. Most of these counties are agricultural with roughly a 10 percent population decrease in the last census. The maximum benefit during this period is $15,000.

Benjamin Reeves of the International Business Times reports the program has detractors. He writes, “Generally conservative and small-government oriented, agricultural communities in this part of the Midwest tend to oppose the idea of handouts to outsiders.”

Washington Town Keeps Marching Forward (and Loudly!)

Census figures were just the thing to light a fire under the people of LaCrosse, Washington. At one time it boasted a population of 1,000. But now that number has plummeted to 310. This has resulted in limited resources and abandoned buildings and homes.

John Stucke of the Spokesman-Review was told by wheat farmer Randy Myklebust that, “This is not an impossible situation, but a situation full of possibility.” He recently bought an older home and is restoring it.

Health Care - Now What?

On June 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. They ruled the individual responsibility to have health insurance – the most controversial part of the law – was a constitutional exercise of Congress’ taxing and spending power. As a result of that finding, a majority of the Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional.

Sioux Chef Teaches Fresh Food Cooking

Imagine you grew up in a place where all of the food available was processed, pre-packaged, no-nutrient junk. Would you know how to prepare and enjoy fresh foods for a healthier diet?

In Santee, Nebraska, two generations of Santee Sioux Nation have grown up eating basically out of a convenience store. Not only has fresh food been unavailable, but fresh food cooking skills and experience have been lost in the community.


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