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Too Tough to Go Hungry

The village of Cody, Nebraska (population 149) hasn’t had a grocery store in more than a decade. Located just minutes from the South Dakota border, in a county larger than the state of Connecticut, residents have to drive 76 miles roundtrip to find basic necessities.

But all that is about to change. After three years building the foundation – both literally and figuratively - Cody will have groceries again. But there’s a twist. Circle C Market will be a student-run, community-owned enterprise.

Agriculture & Small Towns Need Beginning Farmers

When you think back 20-30 years, what’s changed about your town? How many young families do you have now compared to then? How many of them farm or ranch? I’m asking to get you to think about how you and your town might begin to change things.

We don’t lack for a desire to farm. The beginning farmer web pages on the Center for Rural Affairs’ website receive over 12,000 visits a month.

Clean Energy Transmission-It’s a Big Deal!

Clean energy transmission projects aren’t built every day. In fact, they aren’t even built every year. Many rural regions will go five, 10, 15 years between projects.

But clean energy transmission is a big deal. So when a project starts, we pay attention. Especially when the project opens new lands to wind development, helps retire old and dirty coal-fired power plants, and employs workers and manufacturers from communities along the route.


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