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Center’s Board Calls for Action on Immigration

At our June meeting, the Center’s Board of Directors backed a proposal to fix the broken immigration system. Board president and Fullerton, Nebraska, farmer Jim Knopik noted that immigration reform is at the top of the national agenda. Given that, it is important to emphasize that rural communities have much to gain from fixing current immigration policy.

Don't Slash Investment in Small Town Nebraska

At the Center for Rural Affairs we’ve learned, from experience, that entrepreneurial development serves small town Nebraska better than other economic development strategies. Traditional industrial recruitment simply does not have the economic heft that entrepreneurs create in rural communities. Entrepreneurship adds jobs, raises incomes, creates wealth, and improves the quality of life of local citizens in myriad ways.

Rural Monitor: In a Rural Colorado Valley, Old-Fashioned Print News Lives On

​Earlier this month the High Country News ran a story by Jonathan Thompson about another newspaper called the Saguache Crescent. The paper serves the community of Saguache, Colorado—population: about 500. Other than the all-in-one publisher, editor, pressman, and mechanic of the Saguache Crescent, who is described as “marinating in the smell of hot lead, dust and the slow decay of old newsprint,” the most notable thing about this paper is how it’s made.

Tax Plan not Common Sense for Nebraska

On Friday, Governor Dave Heineman delivered the details of his proposed tax plan at a press conference in Lincoln. At the Center for Rural Affairs, we believe that Nebraska should be cautious about dramatic shifts in tax policy. We are concerned that this proposal will hinder the state’s ability to invest in building a better future for all Nebraskans.


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