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States Face Tax Policy Debates as Outgrowth of National Movement

Nebraska is having a statewide debate on the future of our state tax policy. The 2013 legislative session established a Tax Modernization Committee. The legislature charged it with a full-scale review of the state’s tax system, the first such review since 1967. Of course, the economy and our behaviors have changed greatly since 1967. The committee is reviewing ways to bring the tax system into the 21st century based on a 21st century economy.

What If Rural Really Mattered?

My War on Poverty desk, that’s what I call it. The Center doesn’t go in for fancy office furniture. My desk is an old government surplus model with a metal tag that says “property of US government.” I think it was discarded while the Nixon administration was dismantling the War on Poverty and Don Ralston and Marty Strange were founding the Center for Rural Affairs.


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