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Letter Recommends Balanced Approach to Public Land Use

If you’ve enjoyed a national park this year, camped or skied on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), or grazed animals or cut trees in a national forest, you know that good management of publicly owned land is critical to rural economies. The outdoor recreation industry alone contributes $646 billion to our nation’s economy, and thousands of jobs depend on timber harvest, oil and gas exploration, mining, grazing, and many other activities on public lands.

Plus who doesn’t love a quiet walk in the woods?

Develop New Leaders in Your Community

Never underestimate the need for leadership. But also never underestimate the leaders among us – the folks who step up to organize a community garden or a school bake sale. They see something that needs to be done in their town, and they do it.

Leaders provide the vision and direction for getting things done. Without them, it’s difficult to accomplish things. But it’s hard to picture someone as a leader if they haven’t had a chance to grow into it. So how do you go about developing them?

Nebraska Tax Committee Update

This fall the Tax Modernization Committee, a group of Nebraska state senators charged with evaluating our state's tax system, held public hearings across the state.  We are happy to report that Center for Rural Affairs' supporters testified at each of the hearings!

Most Nebraskans who testified at the hearings support property tax relief and a few support income tax cuts. The Tax Modernization Committee is meeting in executive session to discuss committee recommendations thoughout November.


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